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                Chines | English

                About Us

                Committed to become a world-class supplier of petrochemical products

                Shandong Deshunyuan Petro Sci & Tech Co. LTD (hereinafter referred to as “DSY”) is located in Shengli Oilfield (The second largest oilfield in China) of Dongying city. The company was founded in 1999 with 15 million USD registered capital. It is a high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to the new petroleum technology development and application. The company has more than 100 acres of drilling fluid workshops and more than 30,000 MT annual production capacity of drilling fluid additives.

                The main business covers drilling fluid additives production, drilling fluid engineering service, harmless disposal technology service of drilling waste, R&D of chemicals for Oilfield. DSY provides drilling fluid products and technical proposal for the customers to help them maximize the productivity ...

                Qualification Honor

                Innovation-driven, Professional Leadership, Scientific and Technological Innovation, Customer Service






                Specialty Products

                Professional way, only fine and unique, product brand is the symbol of quality

                OFC OBM Filtration Reducer查看详情

                HFD-1 Rapid Filtrating High Strength LCM查看详情

                HEP-1 EP Lubricant for High Density Mud查看详情

                DLA-1 Complexing Aluminum Based Shale Inhibitor查看详情

                TSG Aminated Polysaccharides查看详情

                AP-1 Polyamine Shale Inhibitor查看详情

                FF-I High purity Sulfonated Asphalt查看详情

                NP-1 Nano-polyester for Drilling Fluid查看详情

                SHR-1 HT Modified Starch查看详情

                PANS Low Viscosity Polymer Filtration Reducer查看详情

                DSP-2 Copolymer Filtration Reducer查看详情

                DSP-1 Copolymer Filtration Reducer查看详情

                SO-1 Nitrile Silicone Polymer Filtration Reducer查看详情

                LY-1 Anti-salt and Anti-temperature Filtration Reducer查看详情

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                News Center
                Improve Emergency Response Capacity to Embrace the Safe Production Month
                Improve Emergency Response Capacity to Embrace the Safe Production Month
                In the coming of work safety month, in order to further enhance employees' awareness of firefighting and improve their ability to deal with the fire emergency, Zhanhua branch of Shandong deshunyu...
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